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As a family business for more than 50 years experience helping clients, Interiors by J&O Studio has the solutions to help make your house a home.

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top treatments

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custom draperies



motorized smart blinds

Motorized blinds by Interiors by J&O Studio

Your Window Fashion Specialists

Centre County's only home fashion specialists that provide you with a completely customizable experience. Working with Interiors by J&O Studio means you have complete control over all the details!

Custom curtains and hardware by Interios by J&O Studio
Custom curtains and hardware by Interios by J&O Studio
Custom curtains and hardware by Interios by J&O Studio
Motorized blinds by Interios by J&O Studio

We help our clients create exceptional interiors.

Interiors by J&O Studio

makes it easy to transform

your house into your home.

Motorized shades by Interios by J&O Studio


PowerView® Automation moves your beautiful shades to your schedule. It's your home and your light to control.


Easy, Accurate Shade Control 

Your PowerView shades will always be exactly where you want them, when you want them, thanks to Bluetooth technology, which features real-time, two-way communication between your shades and the PowerView system.

Why Smart Shades?


  • Added Convenience—easily control shades with a button press, tap on your mobile device, automatically, or even with your voice.

  • Increased Privacy—schedule shades to automatically close whenever you want.

  • Better Energy Efficiency—schedule shades to raise and lower to keep interiors warmer or cooler, depending on the season.

  • Enhanced Security—give your home a lived-in look while you’re away by scheduling shades to automatically raise and lower at set times.

  • Safer for Children—because smart shades lack lift cords, they’re a safer option than shades with exposed cords.


Motorized Shades for Smart Home Living


One of the benefits of shades motorized with PowerView Automation is the PowerView App. You can use it to set up schedules for your shades, so that shades automatically open and close exactly when you want them to, for everyday convenience.


Here’s a look at just some of the ways PowerView schedules can work for you:

  • Swap your alarm for a gentle wake-up by scheduling bedroom shades to open.

  • Schedule kitchen shades to open while you’re enjoying breakfast.

  • Schedule all shades throughout your house to close in the evening.

  • Enhance security by scheduling shades to move at set times, giving your home a lived-in look while you’re away.

  • In summer or warmer climates, schedule shades to close during the day to keep your house cooler.

Contact us today for the latest in Hunter Douglas motorized shades


Shop At Home

Our “Shop at Home” service allows you to save time and money by bringing the products to you and getting the best match to your tastes and decor before purchasing.

Beautifying your home's interior just got a whole lot easier!

With our personalized service, you’ll appreciate being able to view our products under your home’s lighting so you know exactly how wonderful it will look!
Residential and Commercial Installations
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Bring your shades to life with custom graphics!

Add artwork, your company logo or images to your shades for unique and engaging customer experiences.

Available in roller and panel

track shades

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Proud to carry the brand name window products you love and trust.

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